Rainbow Mafia by Bruce Wachob

Updated November 29:

I gave up. Yup, I did. Can’t take it anymore. When someone publishes a work in progress with tracked changes still apparent it’s just insulting. Dude: there’s a function in Word at the top, where you can Accept All Changes and then you click Final (not Final Showing Mark-Up). Unprofessional. Don’t expect people to leave you good reviews when you ask them to pay for something that’s not even finished…


I very rarely give up on a book. It has to be either unreadable or the subject matter too depressing or hard for me on a personal level (like child abuse or hard-core bdsm).

I’m now reading Rainbow Mafia. Good story so far but…

I’m at 14% on my Kindle and the errors are driving me crazy. I’m very picky, I know, and usually will let the occasional typo or wrong word or absent word go by. This book, however, is filled with blatant mistakes in grammar like wrong verb conjugation, just wrong words like “conscious” instead of “conscience”, and is now showing me edits probably done by the author with words crossed out (a lot of thats), some letters alone in the sentence, and one sentence that was probably rewritten with a “track changes” option showing the before and after text. Very distracting. 

I contacted the author to let him know, but his answer was that he couldn’t afford a professional editor. I recommended he find someone who could just read it through for him.

Will update this when I get further ahead, if I don’t give up.


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