Outside the Box by John Locke

This is the third book in the Dr. Gideon Box series derived from the Donovan Creed series.

John Locke has a way of writing his characters just on the cusp of believable, not quite fantastic and not quite real but enough that you do feel some endearment for them even if they’re crazy, murderous, callous, cold-blooded and generally funny,

This one? It’s still wacky and full of criminally-insane facts. Is it all true? I don’t know. But it’s fun to think that Locke sat in front of his computer and researched the amount of bacteria contained on a surgeon’s scrubs after an operation and how fast these bacteria could kill people and how agonizing a death it would be…

Dr. Box is still arrogant, self-centered, deprived genius and this story is mostly a cliff-hanger for the next one. It was a quick, fun read.

I’m not sure if

Scratch that.

I’ll most probably buy the next one (who am I kidding…)


Hmm? What was that?

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