Another Rock Star by Paula Coots

anotherrockstarThis book is one of my all-time favourites. It’s the story of a popular singer who goes on tour with a bunch of musicians, and what happens during the tour. The singer is gay, some musicians are too, some are straight and the guitar player is straight as they come until he meets said singer. Then sparks fly.

I started reading this book not knowing what it was. I think it was a free Amazon download and since I download a bunch of free books at a time, I don’t always keep track of synopsis.

Right at the beginning the book caught me in its web. Then, reading more (it’s a long book) I remember telling my husband that this book was unique, it had to be written by someone who knew what was going on during rock tours because the details seemed so accurate and meshed with the story line so well. So I did what I usually do when curious: I did some research.

Turns out Ms. Coots is a rock lead guitar player who toured with many bands around the world. Some of her work is on youtube if you’re interested. I was and listened to her music (my husband, a lead guitar player himself, was pretty impressed). Let’s just say she’s multi-talented because she can also write a hell of a good book.

Ms. Coots takes us for a ride in the lives of the musicians on tour, the good sides and also the not so good sides of travelling most days on a bus with the same people all the time. Some get along, some less. It can give you a high like no other, it can also be grueling and take its toll on sanity and health. Lives change, relationships develop, and love sneaks up.

The main two characters, Reed and Shane, jump off the page and you feel you know these people by the time you finish the book, and you miss them and you feel for them.

I grieved at the end. I wasn’t ready to let go just yet, I had been so immersed in their lives.

So I read it again. From the beginning, until the end. And I know I’ll read it again someday. It’s one of those books I know will live with me always.

Do I have to warn people because there’s sex in it? Sure. For 18 years and over blablabla. But don’t let that stop you from reading it. Even those scenes are far from gratuitous and have their place in the story. 

Do I recommend it? Hell yes.


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