Continental Divide, by Laura Harner and Lisa Worrall

continentaldivideIt’s a great book, well written, loved the prose, loved the story, fell in love with Remy and Jamie.

But it broke my heart. It’s continued in two more books, but I went to read the reviews and the characters don’t end up together. It makes me want to cry. I don’t even mind when books don’t necessarily end with a happily ever after. Seriously. Sometimes, it’s even refreshing. But in this story? Wow. Crack (hear that? it’s my heart).

Even without spoilers, the reviewers on Amazon spill the beans. Why? Because others like me were expecting them to get together and others like me are disappointed. It’s a good book, and if you don’t mind a little heartbreak, go for it. The story is compelling and it’s a joy to read.

Me? I’m a big, sensitive crybaby. I won’t continue, even if I don’t regret reading it.

BTW: Remy and Jamie? Both guys. Yup. A M/M romance. With sex scenes. Be warned if you’re not 18.


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