Tall, Dark and Lonely, by R.L. Mathewson, and after

talldarklonelyIt’s the first Pyte/Sentinel novel of the series.

Where to start? It’s got adventure, love, sex, paranormal stuff, vampires, shifters, an evil mother and a sexy Pyte (pronounced pit like peach pit or pight, like light?? I have no idea), a funny guy and a fast-paced story in a really long book (426 pages).

What’s a Pyte? I asked Google, he didn’t know. In this book, a Pyte is the child of a vampire male and a human woman. The woman will die giving birth to a Pyte, unless she is changed into a vampire while giving birth. These wonderful Pytes are the epitome of supernatural creatures: they’re stronger than all of them!! Plus they drink blood, yes, but they walk in the day! Their senses are heightened to unbelievable levels! And they can’t be killed. Like never.

Sentinels are  half-angels half-humans who protect the humans from the bad buys Satan unleashed some thousands of years ago. Sentinels are stronger than most humans, faster, and live around 200 years.

This book is a three-part story: first, back story of said Pyte back in the 1300’s. Then we move to now: he meets a woman he can’t resist for the first time in his life and they fall in love (her mom is an evil human). Third part: he joins the Sentinels, after adopting a funny teenager who happens to be a Sentinel but doesn’t know it yet, and his wife’s young siblings.

It’s a great book, full of rich storytelling, great characters, hot sex scenes (not that many) and touching sentiment.

But wait, there’s more:

R.L. Mathewson had some time on her hands and wrote the continuation of 466 pages and came up with:

withoutregretThis one continues the story of the funny guy who’s a Sentinel. Sentinels have one mate for life, born on the same day somewhere else. He gets to meet his mate when they’re both 27. He’s been looking forward to this for 10 years and when she finally shows up under weird circumstances, she’s not what he expected. First, she doesn’t know she’s a Sentinel, second she doesn’t appear to have their superpowers and third she thinks he’s a loon with his far-fetched stories.

Another great book! You still have the characters you loved from the first book, and more!

As if that weren’t enough, R.L. Mathewson had more time on her hands and came up with:

talldarkheartlessYes! 477 pages more! Can it get any better than this? Nope. Unless you count the fact that she’s writing number four, and you’re as happy as me. Another love story, some new characters, a great cliff-hanger and more fun, adventure, vampires, shifters, love, sex, drama, funny jokes, and on and on with the greatness.

Watch out you under-18-year-olds: these books are not for you. They’ve got explicit sex in them. And I’ve just given you a good reason to read them. I know. My head’s not in the sand. But I have to say it. Or I’ll get sued or something.


Hmm? What was that?

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