Hanging Loose by Lou Harper

hanging looseThis book was free on amazon.ca when I got, and that’s not the cover I got, but anyway, same book.

Very nice story for when you’re not in top shape to be completely gutted by a book. Not too much angst or trouble, no heartbreak to make you cry or want to die. Just a nice story about two young guys who meet, fall in love and, sure, have some problems but they get through them.

It was a nice, quick read, funny at times. The main character is so likable and self-deprecating, you can’t help to love him.

I like this author, I read more of her books (Seduction and Late Night Snack, also freebies http://louharper.com/Freebies.html).

On goodreads.


1 thought on “Hanging Loose by Lou Harper

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