Captive Girl by Jennifer Pelland

captivegirlVery odd short story (29 pages) free on

The subject matter is so weird and out there that I just had to read it till the end – also it was so short, really… But it’s the story set in the future of this poor girl who sacrificed her outer appearance to be hooked to machines (hence: being captive) to check the skies and space for another attack from perhaps aliens (they’re not sure) that killed her family. She’s been doing this for the government since she’s a child, and now she’s a young adult and in love with her caretaker. When it’s possible for her to get a normal appearance back with a bunch of surgeries, her caretaker doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore… so she goes back to the prosthesis and mask and shit to get her caretaker back in her life. Will it work?

Talk about sacrifice. This was not a joyful or even pleasurable story for me, but I got through it because of the writing.

The quality of the writing is really great, so even if the subject matter isn’t all that appealing to everyone, it’s worth reading it just for the prose. It’s short anyway, it’s bound to keep your interest long enough.


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