His Roommate’s Pleasure by Lana McGregor

hisroommatespleasureThis book is very popular in discussion groups on goodreads. It’s a long, short story – not a short story like the ones that are sold a buck for six pages. This one is 84 pages for $2 on amazon.ca. A little expensive for me but I thought what the hell, if it’s that popular, I wanna read it. Two dollars out of my pocket is nothing, you’ll say, but when it takes me an hour to read it, well, it becomes relevant. There are eight good hours of reading a day, make it $16 a day, and I’m ruined. Think of good books you can read for $5 or $6 that can last at least a day or two and you’re in business.

It’s the story of two college roommates, both gay but they don’t know this about each other until one stumbles on the other’s porn collection while borrowing his laptop. The pictures he finds are not only gay porn but of the domination persuasion. They decide to try these out as both are interested, and end up falling in love.

It’s a sweet story, the writing is fine and the sex scenes are not too bad – I was a little apprehensive about the domination thing as I have difficulty reading sex scenes that describe pain and humiliation. I’ve had to skip parts of books sometimes because they make me feel bad – not the feeling I want to have when I’m reading. Reading is my escape, the world I escape to has to be comfortable to at least a certain degree. I draw the line at bdsm. This book was fine, the degree of pain and humiliation is so low that it even made me understand it a bit better. Not enough that I want to read more about it, but enough that it’s not so strange to me anymore. The story around it is strong enough that it’s not an erotica book per se, it’s a love story with a bit of spice. Don’t forget, they’re two college kids, they’re experimenting and they’re smart about it.

Lana McGregor’s recipe for a good book is well balanced, just enough sweet and spice to make everything nice.


To those under 18 who read my blog (I’m pretty sure there aren’t any) I feel the need to tell you that this book is not for you, as I don’t want your moms to write me to tell me that you got the brilliant idea of buying this book from my blog and now you’re traumatized and swore you’d never have sex in your life ever.


Hmm? What was that?

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