Heart Mechanic (Sweet Tails) by Donna Dean

heart mechanic This quick little read was free courtesy of amazon.ca. It’s the story of a girl whose brother has died and left her his racing car (or some crazy-ass special car with lots of custom stuff in it) in which he died, incidentally. She takes it to his mechanic with whom she slowly gets comfortable and even starts loving, I think, in the end. I’m not sure.

The mechanic certainly helps her in grieving for her brother, but SPOILER ALERT she was just having the car fixed so she could park in the closed garage, start it and join her brother.

The story is a little lacking in depth. The characters are thin, I didn’t feel any connection with or understanding of them. It finished leaving me thinking “That’s it?” It seemed… technical as writing goes. Well constructed sentences, good form, without much feeling.

Here’s my usual sex thingy: there’s sex in here. Not very hot or steamy, but sex all the same. Don’t read it if you’re under 18 (wink wink like I really believe you won’t if I tell you not to).


Hmm? What was that?

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