Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux

cut & Run Remember when I wrote about this series? I finished it last night. Read all eight books. Seven of the series, and a stand-alone that introduced characters that were then integrated in said series.

I miss them. I’m grieving. My heart is aching. I hate this feeling.

How can I get attached to characters who don’t exist? I still don’t understand. I know they exist in the books and all that, but seriously! Why do I get so SAD???

But this series is smart, very well written, you have to watch out for any detail that is sowed in there that will grow to be part of the plot in the next book or two. It’s just genius how the stories in the stories intertwine and weave such intricate twists and turns.

And the couple. The love story. My oh my. To know such pure love. Phew. It reminds me of when I started going out with my husband so many years ago. The passion, the boiling over, the sex anytime anywhere (well… almost). We’re not in law enforcement, so we never had to prove our love by giving our lives for the other, but I’m pretty sure my hubby would do it. I know I would.

To say that I recommend this series is an understatement. I LOVED it. I truly did. Now I have to start it over because I miss them too much. The next one, Ball & Chain, will be released on March 17, 2014. I can’t wait.

The same blurb about sex applies here too. It’s not for kids. It’s for grown-ups who want action, adventure, twists, surprising turns, and love.


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