This Is Your Heart In Love by Kyle Rutkin

thisisyourheartinloveThis non-expensive novel ($3 on is truly a gift of reading (or a steal, whichever way you want to look at it).

It’s the story of a guy who gets stuck in the “friends” zone by the girl he’s madly in love with, and how that plays out over a couple of years.

The writing is so brutally honest, the characters are vibrant and real, the story so captivating you read through this as if you’re sitting right there, next to them, watching it play out. Show me a guy who can write emotions with candor, humility and heart and I’ll see:

kAnd he’s cute too! (It’s Kyle Rutkin, if you were wondering…)

Did I mention he’s also very funny? Oh! You have to read it – if you don’t laugh at least three times out loud with this book, leave a comment.

It’s a pretty safe book for young people – I’d let my teens read it. I wish they read it, actually… They’re not into romantic comedies, or funny love stories…


Hmm? What was that?

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