My Despicable Ex by Sierra Rose

ImageI didn’t like it. It’s unfortunate, because it’s well written. The quality of the language is pretty good. 

The story is too far-fetched for me. The guy dumps the girl at the altar. No kidding: the day of the wedding, she’s all dressed and everything. Five years later, she has to take a world trip with him in order to inherit from her mom. It’s a condition she has to respect to get millions. And he gets millions also – provided they fulfill all the conditions in her mom’s will with the trip.

Give me a f?*&ing break. Really? So she says no! I won’t stoop that low. Then she has to in order to save her business that she’s just about to lose – what a coincidence… 

We go from I want to kill him to I can’t forgive him to but just look at those blue eyes… and back to I want to kill him and so on and so on. Meanwhile, the jerk is pulling all the stops to win her back, and he’s a bit lame at it for my taste.

It’s not for me. I like to read stories with real plots. Or if you don’t have a plot, write something else. A short story. Something amusing. 

This book is what I would call an attempt at writing a romance with a poor plot and having to complicate things so that it’s tight enough to pass as a story. 

I must say the descriptions of the travels are really great. As a travel guide, it’s a must-have. 

I also have to admit having skimmed the last parts, just reading the dialogue here and there to see if something interesting would happen. But no… you have to read part 2 to see what happens!!!!!

No sex, any fool can read it at any age.

Note: it’s doing really good on with 3.5 stars out of 5, it’s got 3.5 stars on, and an average 3.11 on 5 on goodreads. Some reviews are like mine: bad, boring, couldn’t finish it, etc. Others are oh what a fun light read, or beautiful prose.

Funny thing: My Despicable Ex part 2 has better ratings than the first one on all sites! I don’t want to buy part 2. It’s $4. The first one at least was free.


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