Take Off by Claire Cray

takeoffThis is No. 4 of the series. Claire Cray wrote this fictional world where Talents use their psychic abilities for right and wrong. This series follows a group of them, all different types of talents, who try to overthrow a group of psychics using their abilities for wrong, as they struggle to use theirs for right.

Some are bisexual, some are gay. Some are very likable (like Jin) and some are just weird (like Ken).

The story keeps getting better and better and it makes me wish Ms. Cray could write faster. I know she doesn’t just write the Hidden Talents Series so I understand. This series, however, is completely free. Yup, all four books. They’re roughly 100 pages each. Read them altogether and you have two full novels.

Sex scenes are short and clean, but are still about sex, with descriptions and everything, but not too graphic.

Oh you (non-existent) under 18-year-olds who read my blog, you know what I’m gonna say, don’t you? Just so long as we understand each other. Right. *complicated hand shake and wink*


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