Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux

Image Abigail Roux has fans coming out of her ears with her Cut & Run series, with her delectable heroes Ty & Zane who are the epitome of hot gay studs that make your heart rate increase

. Her series is about two masculine heavy-duty cops who solve crimes while f¤@£¤ing the life out of each other. I’ve written about this series before here and here.

I wasn’t gonna write about this one, although it’s the first Abigail Roux book I read. It was a book of the month in my MM romance group on goodreads. It’s not part of the Cut & Run series, it’s a spin-off. The main characters in this one, Kelly and Nick, are part of Ty’s military team of highly trained black ops badasses called Sidewinder.

It’s not a suspense, there’s no crime involved. It’s a shorter book, the story coming after book 7 of Cut & Run in which Kelly gets injured. In Shock & Awe, Nick takes Kelly to his cottage and takes care of him. And we have book 1 of Sidewinder.

It is one of the hottest romances I’ve ever read, het or gay or whatever genre. I’m obsessed. I wanna read it again. Poor Abigail Roux is finishing book 8 of the Cut & Run series and is badgered by fans to write Sidewinder 2 because everyone wants to read about these two superbly written characters, one bi and one straight until now. They’ve been friends forever and now Kelly’s view of life has changed, maybe because he almost died, which I think is entirely possible.

Here are the lines that got me hooked:

“Oh God,” Kelly breathed.

“No, you don’t say his name when I fuck you. You say mine.”

Is that hot or what? Who says that??? Only these guys. They manage to be loving, tender, vulnerable while remaining sane, reasonable and almost normal guys.

This little book opened up the world of Abigail Roux and the Cut & Run series, the goodreads discussion group called Ty & Zane Are Like Crack and a whole bunch of other goodies on Ms. Roux’s blog to me, to my delight. Can’t wait for the next one.

Yup, you under-age folks: you shouldn’t read this one either. Lots and lots of (well, not that much) graphic sex – and it’s gay too. Put it on your wish list for your 18th birthday. Don’t let me catch you sneaking peeks either!!



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