Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

flatoutloveI read this book twice. At under $5, it’s a steal. It’s a gut-wrenching, angst-filled, mystery-laden beautiful, tearful love story. The mystery is kept up until the end but it’s sooooo beautiful the way it’s told. I bought it way back when it was $2. It’s gone up a bit but I still recommend it.

And even knowing the ending, I still reread it. I enjoyed the writing style, the dialogue is natural and sincere and the story is well constructed.

A really nice book for young adults. A really nice book for everyone, really.

No sex or just a little (suggested in a scene, not more) so everyone can read it. Yay! Go to it, my non-existent young followers!


1 thought on “Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

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