Texas Rough by Sara York

ImageA good freebie from amazon.ca. I’ve read other books by Sara York before and enjoyed them.

This one is fun too. It’s on a ranch, so you get gay cowboys who are not out who fall in love and hide it until they can’t anymore. Very sweet and well written. Sara York is not afraid to make her manly men cry and feel deep emotions. It’s refreshing. It’s the first of the Texas Soul series, the others (5) are priced at $3 but you can get them all for $5.75, not expensive for 922 pages of good reading.

Also by the same author that I read:


They’re all free. Some have sequels that cost money. 

For my non-existent under-18 readers: have an adult read it to you and block your ears and sing “blablabla” really loud at the sex parts because there are some pretty hot ones in there. Or wait until you’re 18 and download them. 


Hmm? What was that?

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