In Deep (Hidden Talents) by Claire Cray

Image Aaaarrrgh!!! Claire Cray is driving me NUTS!!! This is book 6 of the Hidden Talents series and Ms. Cray does not write fast enough. Seriously.

I bought Hidden Talents (the first one) in July 2013 for zero dollars. Yup, the first five, yes count them, five books are free. They’re short too but still. This is the first one I paid for and it was a whopping dollar. One dollar. I would have paid more.

I already posted about these characters here. I love them. They each have their own Talents (psychic or physical superhuman powers) and work with each other and against the bad guys, but the story is more about the relationships within this band of Talents than about them fighting crime. Because it’s hard to live with an ability like theirs and they’re fucked up people, but oh so endearing and lovable and vulnerable and loving (and still smartass like Jin or weird like Ken).

And there’s an interesting love story developing in this one that we’ve seen coming and have cheered for and yay! it’s finally happening and then BOOM the book is finished and you have to wait for the next one to see what’s gonna happen with these merry men. 


Yaddayaddayadda about the sex and everything. Not for kids. For adults who love a good story, well-written dialogue, hot sex scenes, and funny, cheeky dialogue.


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