Straight Roommate (Beau’s Backdoor) by Mandy Harbin

Image This was a free download on It’s a very short story (47 pages approx.) with the main character from another book or series, Beau’s Backdoor. At the end is an excerpt from Beau’s Backdoor.

In this short story, Mitchell is gay chemistry major in college. He’s working on perfecting a new kind of lube. His straight drunk roommate comes home from a party sexually frustrated and things happen. I’ll let you guess what.

It’s a quick, fun story, pretty hot, and the excerpt for the book is interesting. Does it make me want to buy it? No, not really. Not because it’s badly written or anything, just because the story is a little predictable. Maybe I’m wrong and the story has a mysterious twist or a surprising turn, who knows, but it didn’t hook me. 

For a free sample of Mandy Harbin’s writing, it’s cool and maybe you’ll feel like buying her books after you read this one.

It’s for adults only. 



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