Never Understand by Miranda Mailer

Image Ha! Now that’s what I’m talking about. A female main character with guts and glory who doesn’t succumb to the guy right away. She’s just not buying it. And good for her.

Refreshing to say the least. I’m tired of reading romance novels with sniveling, insecure, easily impressed heroines who bat their eyelashes at the billionaires of this world. The minute the guy buys some exotic, expensive flower the girl is mush in his hands and puts out for the best sex of her life while doing … nothing. Just laying there. Sheesh. She then apparently deserves to be flown to Paris for an outrageous dinner. Yeah, right.

Ms. Mailer’s main character, Jana, is a strong-willed, intelligent wannabe actress with integrity and guts. She’s not easily swooned by the rich guy who tries to impress her with wealth and nice suits. It’s an interesting spin on the usual romance novel story of poor girl and rich guy. 

Well written, although it could use a bit more editing as there’s some words missing here and there, but not enough that you can’t understand the sentence. 

It’s part one of a trilogy. Sometimes it bugs me when authors write three short stories and give the first one away as a freebie to get you hooked on buying the other ones. In this case, even if I don’t end up buying the other two, it was still a pleasant, fun story to read and it can stand alone. There’s no big cliffhanger that leaves you blaspheming the author for the blatant attempt at selling other novels by grabbing your insides and making you buy the next book (Fifty Shades anyone?). It ends on its own and just makes you want to continue reading if you like the characters; it’s not like the author is holding out on the “what happens next? if I don’t find out I’ll kill myself because there must be an explanation in the next book” ending. 

And may I say that the sex scenes are hot. Very, very hot. The descriptions of feelings and sensations are wonderfully written, instead of big, crass words and jets of jizz flying everywhere. Well done indeed.

Yeah… my imaginary young readers: I am sad to say that you can’t read this before you’re eighteen. I have to tell you this, in all conscience. I will say, though, the minute your birthday comes up, rush to amazon to get it and read it. Especially if you want to learn how to write hot, classy sex scenes. Just a thought. 


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