Secrets and Ink by Lou Harper

ImageYou already know I like (even love) Lou Harper’s writing. This book is like candy. 

Funny, witty, suspenseful, sexy, hot, endearing main characters, good story, it’s all there. 

Its only flaw is being too short. At 128 pages, it’s a good length for a story but I liked the main character, Jeremy, enough that I would have read more about him. There could have been more of the romance even after the climactic scene where the suspense is revealed. Maybe a sequel? Ms. Harper, if you’re reading this, go for it. Drop me a line, I’ll review it too.

That Jeremy. A complete, complex and cute character you like right off the bat, in only a few pages. Quirky, funny with a dark past, just like we like ’em. 

On why he wouldn’t remove his spider tattoo: 

“Erasing the past like it never happened – like revirginizing yourself. I don’t believe in that crap.”

Well said, Jeremy, well said.

A good read for a very reasonable price.  

For mature audiences only. 



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