Wanting by Piper Vaughn

Image For a short freebie, this is a well-rounded, thoughtful, flowing and complete story of a young man’s first love. In just 54 pages, we have an introduction that sets the story and presents the characters right off the bat, two or three developments that take the story somewhere and a very satisfying ending.

All in all, a pretty good, sweet read. Congratulations, Piper Vaughn. A real talent.

Even the sex scenes are well-written and touching.

What more do you want?

Well, actually, I would want more of the main characters – if the story continued, I would read it. There is a Valentine’s story for these two, but funny enough the 54-page book is free, the 22-page Valentine’s story is $1.50. It’s still not a lot, you’ll say. True. And for the quality of the writing, if you look at it from the perspective of paying $1.50 for actually 76 pages because you read the first one for free, it’s still quite a good deal. 

Take a look at what your teens are reading on their e-readers: you can’t easily tell if they’re reading stuff with sex in it… this one shouldn’t be in there if you’re really strict about this sort of thing. If you tend to be a bit more lenient, the sex scenes in this one are very tasteful. 🙂


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