Fatal Shadows (Adrien English no. 1) by Josh Lanyon

fatalshadowsWow. Great book. I had heard of Josh Lanyon through social media and Goodreads and finally bought the first of his Adrien English series. Murder-mystery at its best: I only guessed the identity of the killer 80% in! This is great for me, as I usually guess pretty quickly whodunnit; the result of watching lots and lots of movies with my dad who loved to spoil it for everyone (I do the same to my kids apparently) and reading lots of mysteries including Agatha Christie.

Good story, really well written – excellent editing by the way – funny, quirky and witty main character, twists and turns that keep you interested. Great read.

I liked it so much I bought the next one right away.

Not for the impressionable, innocent minds.

But for everyone else: hell yes.


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