Trouble & the Wallflower by Kade Boehme

ImageAnother fine book by Mr. Boehme. I’ve read a few and I liked them all.

This one is one of his most recent works. The bad boy likes the shy, silent guy and they finally get together and sparks fly. Then trouble comes, but not with the guys themselves. Will they be able to work through it?

I’ll let you read it to find out. Hint: I enjoyed the ending.

Well written, some funny parts, some touching ones, and some lines that go straight to your heart. 

“I’m definitely okay with it being a forever kinda thing.” Gavin’s heart fluttered. “God, where’d you come from?” Boehme, Kade (2014-02-27). Trouble & the Wallflower (Kindle Locations 2829-2830). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition. 

I like these boys. They’ve been through crap. One is a bad boy with a reputation that almost causes him to lose this opportunity and the other has serious social issues. Together they’re great.

Hot sex scenes, folks. Be warned. Or be happy. Whatever rocks your boat.




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