Ball & Chain by Abigail Roux (Cut & Run series)

ballNo. 8. Well, I liked it a lot. This one is getting mixed reviews on from die-hard fans but I don’t see it. The bad reviews scared me. It was all “tragic failure – unbelievable history rewrites – not enough Ty & Zane” and other blablabla.

I think it was perfect. We still follow the main characters, Ty and Zane, through another adventure and even if you know the author can’t kill a main character you still have your heart in your throat in a couple of scenes.

The characters are still true to themselves in this one, even the Sidewinders Kelly and Nick who join our MC’s in this one as main characters. They’re still funny, twisted and snarky.

I definitely felt the transition from the Cut & Run series to the Sidewinder series (first one Shock & Awe reviewed here). You see where the author is setting up the end of Cut & Run and the implementation of Sidewinder as a standalone series soon.

“Ty wanted them to cut and run.”

A nice way to close the loop. I’m not saying anything else about without giving away spoilers.

It was a great read, great adventure, great characters, great endings (yes, many) and great cliffhanger – not too cruel.

One superhot sex scene, and many romantic, endearing ones too. Oh, those guys…. I love them so.

Sorry my little readers: not for under 18. Not only because of the sex either…


Hmm? What was that?

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