Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

memorizingyouSometimes I buy random books. Sometimes I go by price low to high. This book I got for $1.10 when it was on sale on amazon. I was the first to write a review on! Couldn’t believe it. It’s five stars on No kidding.

What a surprise. It’s truly an exceptional book. The writing is excellent. No other word for it. I loved it. Tremendously.

I could quote for a whole page and still not do it justice. This one is probably my favourite:

You devastate me. You always have.

Really wonderful. Until I reached a bit over 80%. Then I wanted to throw my tablet at the wall and watch it crumble and die. Like my heart.

It’s not a HEA. Well, some might say there’s a silver lining to the cloud of pain, heartbreak and sadness at the unfairness of what our MCs go through. It wasn’t enough for me.

But PLEASE don’t let my sensitivity keep you from reading this really great book.

In the late 60’s, this average guy meets an athlete and they fall in love, slowly but surely. Being gay in those years was not as easy as it is today, even if today it’s still no walk in the park, especially in certain places on the globe. But they get there and they’re happy until WHAM something bad happens.

If you want more on the subject or read spoilers, go to the goodreads page for this book. Some reviewers explain it really well (shoulda read those reviews before buying it perhaps).

Let me just say that it’s worth reading.

It’s a YA appropriate book, no explicit sex scenes – it doesn’t need them. It’s a pure pleasure.

Just keep your heart protected. All I’m saying…


2 thoughts on “Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

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