Midnight Secrets by Wendy Ely

midnightI got a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It’s a cute, fast read for people who like their stories to run through a bunch of scenarios and twists really quickly.

Lots happening to this Allison character. A sick mom, two kids we hardly read about, an absent sister, another sister very present, a new house, a new bakery, someone trying to poison her customers to throw a bit of suspense in there, the son-of-a-bitch ex showing up, Child Services, a sheriff, and of course a hot and sexy new love interest – whose mom doesn’t like her then does a complete turn-around after a short conversation with her son – and whose ex shows up too. I’m not even mentioning old bad blood with a customer, a mean old waitress who sorta disappears from the story midway, a doctor, the regular old customers, a nosy gossipy neighbour…. Whew. I’m probably forgetting someone (like when they thank everyone and their barber at the Oscars and realize the next day they forgot to thank their manager).

All this in 142 pages. Fast-paced I said? Yup.

And room for sex scenes.

A fun, fast read.

To all you people who have not reached majority in your respective countries or states, or who don’t like to read about orgasms, this one is not for you.


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