Casting Call and Teacher Teacher by John Locke

Good ol’John Locke. Freaked fans out when they thought his last Donovan Creed book was the last of the series. I knew it couldn’t be.

Not that these latest two books are Donovan Creed novels but the story continues with the characters we know and love, Callie Carpenter, killer extraordinaire and Dani Ripper, ex-child victim turned private I.

John Locke has a way of writing twisted plots that unfold in a vicious, raw fashion that leave you breathless.

Plus, he’s funny as hell.

The first lines of Teacher Teacher teacher teacherhad me laughing out loud:

LIST OF THINGS I’d rather do than sit through this dreadful continuing education seminar:

1. Scrape crusted shit off a galvanized bucket with my teeth. 2. Advance all the way to the finals in an armpit smelling contest.

Locke, John (2014-01-29). Teacher, Teacher (a Dani Ripper Novel) (Kindle Locations 116-119). Telemachus Press, LLC. Kindle Edition.


There’s a number 3 but I’ll let you discover it on your own. His books are so cheap it’s a shame to miss out. In this one, you get to read a couple of lines by Donovan Creed himself (he’s on the phone, you don’t actually see him – if it were a movie, let’s say).

It’s a good story, with so many unexpected developments you’re wondering if you missed something somewhere or if you should go back to see if it makes sense. Then you say: “Fuck it” and keep reading because you want to know what’s happening.

A teacher is accused of molesting a student. Cut and dry, no? Absolutely not. If John Locke is writing it, nothing but nothing is as it seems.

Then I read Casting Call casting call and thought okay, here’s a new story line. But no!!!! Keep reading and it all ties in to Because We Can!, #11 of Donovan Creed adventures. This guy thinks he’s testing out possible scenarios for a reality show. Ha. Joke’s on him. Or is it??? *cue music: Ta-ta-ta-tuuummmmmm.

John Locke must be either an interesting person to meet or a complete antisocial nutcase. Whatever he is, I enjoy his humour and writing style very much.

No big sex scenes, no graphic details but some sex alluded to in subtle and not so subtle cases. Watch out my young fans.



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