Superbia by Bernard Schaffer

SUPERBIA What a good book. Well written, honest, sincere, no fluff, no romance. Just a good book on good cops and a flawed system.

The MC’s are great, the story is actually pretty simple but very effective and keeps you on your toes the whole way.

The author is actually a real cop. Might have something to do with the raw, guileless writing.

Apparently he’s written all sorts of fiction but this is the first book I read from him and really loved it.

It starts with a cop responding to a call. He gets his knee shot out and his friend is killed. He comes back to work and is temporarily assigned with the single detective in the unit. It’s not the story itself that’s thrilling or exciting, it’s a look at the lives of these cops, what they give of themselves to do a good job and how much there is to lose when you invest your life in your career.

A great read for a great price.

No sex, a little violence and lots of truths.


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