A Gay Romance by Kyle Adams and Gina A. Rogers

gayromance Twice today I caught myself looking forward to reading more of my current book only to realize I already finished it. Bummer.

This book is hilarious. It’s a parody of a gay romance, with all the clichés revisited and room for ridicule. The authors must have had fun writing this. He’s not gorgeous, he’s heart-throbbing, hearing angels sing, world-stopping beautiful. He’s not overwhelmed with emotion, he’s completely consumed by a rush of emotions so strong he loses consciousness for a few seconds. He doesn’t have five or six orgasms in one night, he has over twenty. I’m paraphrasing of course.

The writing is quite good. There’s imagery and sincerity in the feelings and emotions. A pleasure to read.

But really, very funny. It’s hard to pick a favourite joke, but this one is had me laughing:

…but the way he gave in to the ecstasy, the pleasure, had fueled the fire of Kory’s insatiable need until he’d flown through the heavens with a climax so intense he swore he saw dead people.

Rogers, Gina A.; Adams, Kyle (2014-04-17). A Gay Romance (Kindle Locations 3641-3643). . Kindle Edition.

It’s full of exaggerated, far-fetched and over-killed comic situations but it also has a real love story with honest sentiments entwined in there.

The sex scenes are by far the longest and wordiest I’ve ever read yet still remain hot and sexy even if peppered with jokes.

The funniest gay romance I’ve read in a long time. Also probably one of the sweetest, which is great because most parodies are just that: jokes after more jokes and no sincere love sentiments. This one succeeds in making me laugh out loud and touching my heart simultaneously.

There’s room for more story, possibly a sequel with Adrian and Blake? I can only hope.

This is so not a book for young teens. The sex is graphic, hot and sweaty. And lengthy. And vivid. And sometimes dirty. Okay, I’m stopping now.


4 thoughts on “A Gay Romance by Kyle Adams and Gina A. Rogers

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