Left Drowning by Jessica Park

leftHow do you survive writing a great book? Not easy when everyone compares your subsequent work to the first one that was very successful.

I reviewed Flat Out Love by the same author on this blog. I admit I read it twice. It was a wonderful, touching, suspenseful story that was beautifully written. Of course I expected the same type of complicated story with touching moments.

This one doesn’t disappoint. It’s a good story, with the same tongue-in-cheek style of writing, funny and touching. The characters are well developed, you feel for them, you want to take them home and bake’em an apple pie.

And I was also expecting my heart to be broken. By the time I reached 50%, I was bracing myself – I knew life couldn’t be perfect for these two. Something had to happen or else the book would’ve ended there. I admit I guessed what was going to happen and it did. And my heart broke regardless of my bracing and guessing. A little too much for my taste. Phew.

Does it have a HEA? Yes. I’m not giving anything away. But to reach it, these characters have to go through hell. And it’s not your typical “Oh all their problems vanished in a day, they inherited millions from an unknown aunt somewhere and mysteriously forgot all their struggles”. No, no, no. They had to work at it. And it’s that much more touching.

Ms. Park is gifted with insight in telling emotional adventures and love stories. A real treat.

My usual warning to the kids reading my blog: this one is a no-no. Sorry. And not just because of the sex, but mostly because of the sex.

My usual warning to adults: hot, hot, hot sex scenes with lots of love and intimacy, and great make-up sex. Yay!


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