Get Higher and Merrick by Claire Cray

gethigherNumber 7 of the Hidden Talents series: as good as the other ones, which is to mean excellent. I’m still on the edge of my seat, I still like the guys I liked, I’m still worried, I’m still turned on, I’m still eager to find out what happens next with my favourite crazies.

“You’re too shy.” “I’m not fucking shy.” “Are you trying to make this easier for me?” Jin could

barely keep the smirk off of his face.

“I feel like it’s a good time to double-dare you.”


“It’s actually illegal to have sex with you when you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk ,” Ken retorted, realizing too late that it sounded like he was insisting on sex.

Cray, Claire (2014-05-08). Get Higher: Book 7 of the Hidden Talents Series (Kindle Locations 790-793). . Kindle Edition.

Cray, Claire (2014-05-08). Get Higher: Book 7 of the Hidden Talents Series (Kindle Locations 789-790). . Kindle Edition.

Claire Cray writes in a bold, raw voice. Her characters are delicious and Jin is especially scathing. His chemistry with Ken makes them my favourite story line but let’s not forget Aki and David with Luke’s ghost hanging over them, Jackson the sonavabitch with Jennifer the batty, nasty, powerful lady, Mark the world’s most troubled bisexual and who he has sex with isn’t the troubling part and of course Sky who’s in the doghouse.  Gotta love’m. I don’t want it to end, but I guess they’ll have to reach that point, won’t they? *Sigh….

But wait! There’s more.

Claire Cray can also write historical vampire novels in a totally different voice:

merrick I wasn’t sure I’d like it. I don’t usually read historical novels or those set fifty years ago or more. This one is set in the New World of New York in 1800. It’s fun to read, the writing is excellent and once again, Claire Cray writes a pretty good vampire novel with a funny French secondary character I just love to hate in the most endearing way.

“Wake up, little morsel.”

My eyelids fluttered as I was jostled.

“Wake up. He’ll be here to dismember me any second.”

Cray, Claire (2012-10-01). Merrick (Kindle Locations 3137-3139). . Kindle Edition.

I think those are the lines I liked the most in this book. Little morsel. Ha!

For a buck a shot, it’s a shame to pass these books up.


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