Worth Keeping by Susan Mac Nicol

worthkeeping  It’s a sweet, ordinary, gay romance. It’s written relatively well, except for little mistakes here and there that catch my eye and are annoying.

The story is alright but it gets a bit too cheesy for my taste. Nothing original, characters a bit dull even if there’s some trouble in there to add to the angst. A far-fetched, easy ending.

Nick chuckled against Owen’s ear as his lips found his lover’s earlobe and he tugged it gently with his teeth. Owen moaned and pressed himself closer to Nick, his

desire evident in the hard ridge in his trousers. “We do lead an exciting life, don’t we?”

Nicol, Susan Mac (2013-12-22). Worth Keeping (Kindle Locations 3984-3985). Boroughs Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

SPOILER: This dialogue happens right after they were both threatened with rape and almost killed by a psychotic rapist. No biggy. They’re ready to have sex a couple of hours later. 

I almost gave up on it after the first few chapters. Unfortunately, it’s not worth keeping for me.

If you like lots of gay sex between two troubled dudes and terribly upsetting back stories, this is your book. And it’s only a dollar.


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