Don’t Read in the Closet, collection published by MM Romance Group

I haven’t been posting about book reviews in a while because I’ve been reading the Don’t Read in the Closet collections from the MM Romance Group (Goodreads) of 2011.

The four volumes are published at for free (search Don’t Read in the Closet). 

Members of the MM Romance Group pick a photo from the gallery and write a Dear Author letter to go with it. In the letter, they give a story prompt to the author who will pick their photo and write the story, with their preferences and criteria (some want hot sex, some don’t, some give free license to the author, some specify they want cowboys or paranormal, etc.)

Lots of authors I’ve read and reviewed on this blog participated in these events and I didn’t even know! Maybe it launched their careers, maybe they already had a good career going and wrote for fun: Kyle Adams, Piper Vaughn, Damon Suede, to name a few. I also discovered new authors I really liked, such as Taylor V. Donovan and Jaime Samms. I’ll have to buy their books. So much to read, so little time….

Anyway, if you like MM Romance, these volumes have all kinds: first loves, virgins, hot sex, BDSM, dom/sub, athletes, cowboys, friends to lovers, paranormal, hurt/comfort, (whatever that is, I’m still not sure), military, ménage, cops, gay for you, you name it, they’ve got at least one.

Each story is presented with a description of the photo and the Dear Author letter, then the genre and tags, which tell me if I want to read it or not (I don’t enjoy reading BDSM and dom/sub stories), then the story itself. 

Check them out. Good stories for free. Nothing to lose, except your heart (awwwww…) 


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