Cross & Crown (Sidewinder 2) by Abigail Roux

cross&crown The second installment of the Sidewinder series by Abigail Roux, the first being Shock & Awe, reviewed here. After Shock & Awe which I so loved and read many times – it’s a short one – Cross & Crown is a perfect continuation of Nick and Kelly’s new romance. After fifteen years, training and war, adventures and mischief, they fall in love in Shock & Awe.

We now see how their lives have changed because of it, and how it needs to change more for them to see each other if they’re serious about it, as they live in different states.

In Cross & Crown, Kelly comes to visit Nick in Boston for two weeks and arrives just when a crime Nick is investigating gets complicated. Kelly helps him out and, with Nick’s partner Hagan we get to meet and a surprise visit from Julian Cross of Warrior’ Cross Ms. Roux wrote with Madeleine Urban, they solve the mystery and continue on with their love and their lives.

It’s a good mix of adventure and mystery and romance. Some very touching moments between the two guys, some funny lines from surly, sarcastic and smartass Julian Cross – who I love (I will write about Warrior’s Cross in a future post) – and a good mystery full of historical stuff in Boston.

“I love you,” Nick whispered. “Has nothing to do with the circumstances, or our history, or how close to death we’ve come together . I would love you in any incarnation of yourself.”

Roux, Abigail (2014-06-07). Cross & Crown (Sidewinder) (Kindle Locations 1496-1497). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Now isn’t that just sooooo romantic? Who doesn’t want to be loved in any incarnation of ourselves? Wow. Ms. Roux, you certainly know your way around words.

It’s also got a few very sexy sex scenes. And they’re not sexy just because they describe sex but because of the chemistry between the two guys and how they talk to each other, how they turn each other on. It’s great.

Kelly turned the video camera to face him, and gave it a sly smile. “Not usually recommended, but this is going to be worth it.”

Roux, Abigail (2014-06-07). Cross & Crown (Sidewinder) (Kindle Locations 2363-2364). Riptide Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Bet you’re wondering in which circumstances Kelly would say this, huh?


So if you’re not eighteen, don’t tell your parents you’re reading it – and I should probably tell you not to … so don’t tell me either.

Great book. Can’t wait to read the third one, apparently called Part & Parcel.



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