Keep Swimming by Kade Boehme

keepswimming I like Kade Boehme, you already know that. I’ve only reviewed one more book of his on this site although I own quite a few more. Kade has an honest, sincere way of writing I like very much. Nothing is superfluous, there’s no long-winded imagery or blabla to fill pages, just pure, sincere feelings with a good story.

Here we have a single guy raising a four-year-old on his own and a bisexual serial dater who doesn’t want a commitment. Sparks fly, stuff happens, not everyone is out, complications occur, love conquers all and they live happily ever after.

A truly feel-good story, just like I like them.

And sex? Oh yeah, there’s a couple of nice sex scenes, not too graphic but enough to make a twelve-year-old blush. And perhaps a granny or two. Probably my mom. Hence: not for those who haven’t had the privilege of being responsible for all their actions yet and who could only get a juvenile criminal record for the time being.


Hmm? What was that?

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