Top Secret Twenty-One, A Stephanie Plum Novel, by Janet Evanovich

twenty-one I usually review inexpensive books. This is not one of those. I started the series about ten years ago, when I read books made of paper. I still feel a little strange not owning the last two books in paper form, as I have the whole series up until 19. Oh well… I’ll live.

No. 20 of the series had fans a little frustrated. Stephanie, our favourite bounty hunter, was still undecided between  Joe Morelli, the safe but sexy cop, and Ranger, the dangerous, sizzling-hot ex Special Ops security expert. The story wasn’t really great.

This one is much better. Ms. Evanovich got her mojo back and wrote a fun, exciting, humorous story in which Stephanie is still between boys but okay with it, finding skips and clearing up a couple of mysteries.

Lula and Grandma Mazur are still up for jokes and quirky developments, Ranger is still hot and still says “Babe” to mean a whole lot of things, and Joe is still his usual good cop with sex with Stephanie on his mind at all times. Even Bob the dog eats something new and gag-inducing.

All in all, a good continuation to a good series that’s still hanging on. It’s got solid 4-star ratings on and, well deserved.



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