Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen

I read the first book, Shattered Promises (free ebook), probably two years ago. I remembered I liked it and went to Amazon to buy any other books of the same series. ShatProm1

I found the Fallen Star series. I bought them all.

I started reading Fallen Star, only to realize that it was Shattered Promises all over again, but without the sex parts. You see, Jessica Sorensen wrote Fallen Star and its YA sequels first, then decided to revamp it with sex and stuff and resell it as Shattered Promises. I was fuming and decided not to read the rest of the YA series, keeping my interest for the full-adult version coming in the future.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I was so looking forward to reading the rest of this interesting story with a funky parallel universe and the characters and everything while I was clicking my purchases on Then POW my bubble burst as I started reading Fallen Star (my investment so far: $9, big deal).

So fast-forward to about a month ago when I saw that Fractured Souls, Shatprom2 book 2 of Shattered Promises, was out. I remembered liking No. 1 so I bought it.

The premise of the first book is fun: this twenty-year-old girl Gemma has emotions for the first time in her life, bam, right in the college’s parking lot. She meets this girl in her class and has a friend for the first time in her life too (’cause you got no friends when you can’t feel anything, right?). This new friend has a hunk of a brother who appears in Gemma’s dreams. She wonders why. Then starts a whole sequence of events that explain why she had no feelings before, why she has them now, who is the mysterious gorgeous dude, and it goes on.

Book two, well, continues the story, it’s fun but missing a bit of the novelty of the first one. There’s repetition in the plot line and something that bothers me to no end, blatant unprotected sex. You just know that when your protagonists have unprotected sex so often there’s an unwanted pregnancy there somewhere, right? Nope, not in this one. But some mistakes and bad editing, which surprise me as Jessica Sorensen writes a shitload of books in different series. But still. I was hooked.

I bought book 3shatprom3 Broken Visions to see where the story was going, I was curious even if the main character was starting to seriously get on my nerves with her attitude and stupidity. I hate when the character becomes an idiot because it’s gonna help the plot. If the character had not made that stupid decision, the book wouldn’t be taking that direction. I understand we’re not all intelligent 24/7 and it’s normal to sometimes be bad but come on!! Seriously? Oh, and that unwanted pregnancy because they still have unprotected sex everywhere? Guess what the cliffhanger is at the end of book 3. Yup. I’m not spoiling anything here, folks, I think everyone reading this book saw this coming. And the blatant, huge grammar and spelling mistakes peppering this book made it hard to read for me. I checked some reviews on and people just love this book so maybe it’s just me. But when I re-read a sentence three times to understand what the author’s trying to say because the grammar sucks so badly, I feel a bit cheated – okay, at CAN$4.41 it’s not expensive but book 1 was okay and it’s free so somewhere someone read it I(Kristin Campbell, editor, apparently) and made corrections. Book 2 and certainly book 3 need the same treatment.

I’m not buying book 4. I don’t care about that baby at all. Too bad/good for her. If book 4 is as badly edited as 2 and 3, I’m not spending my money on it just to realize that yes, dammit, the heroine is a misguided, immature idiot with superpowers.


Hmm? What was that?

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