Hooked on a Feeling by Ainslie Paton (and Sixteen Reasons)

hooked It’s 1975, Gayle is separating from her cheating husband and has to move into a new neighbourhood with her 8-year-old son Dean, when divorce is still taboo and women mostly work in health care or education when they do work.

It’s got a hot Vietnam vet, an even hotter architect, a nice neighbour, a darling little girl Kim who becomes best friends with Dean and a sick puppy. It’s got a really cool playlist if you listen to all the songs as they come along in the book. It’s peppered with “Far out”s and disco and Australian ’70’s expressions like “dag”, “groovy”s and platform shoes. It’s got two gorgeous love stories twined together.

And it’s Ainslie Paton, so you have moving sentiments described in the most beautiful, hard and raw metaphors.It’s also got a very interesting scene involving a washing machine.

I loved it, I read it with relish and didn’t want it to end. I’d read more about Hazel and Steve (hot Vietnam vet and nice neighbour mentioned above).

“You want to know the best thing in my week?

“Why not, since we’re being such responsible adults right now.”

“When you bring Dean to the car in the morning.”

She laughed. “What on earth is special about that?”

“You smile at me.”

Paton, Ainslie (2014-08-01). Hooked On A Feeling (Kindle Locations 2122-2125). . Kindle Edition.

sixteen Then you have Sixteen Reasons, a parallel story of two of the Hooked teen characters. It’s a very cute short love story.

They’re not for kids, there’s sex in there. Yay!


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