The Art of the Heart by Dan Skinner

artheart It’s 1965 in a small town in the heartland of America and Zac is different. Not only is he gay, he’s shy, introverted and extremely talented. He can reproduce a scene with his pencil in his notebook and his observations come alive on the pages. Zac develops a huge crush on a neighbour, Rory, and he draws what he can’t have in his notebook. It’s the start of a wonderful, elegant short story told by Dan Skinner who I love. This guy writes so simply yet so beautifully that one sentence contains everything it needs and nothing more.

It’s very short, and I was disappointed when it ended because the last pages of the book are actually chapter 1 of Memorizing You. The way this story ends is very sweet though and I could forgive Dan Skinner pretty much anything so I’ll just read it over again when I want more.

Caution: nothing explicit but yeah, there’s some sexual content.


Hmm? What was that?

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