New Beginnings by Kyle Adams

newbeginningsKyle Adams is known mostly for funny and raunchy gay erotica. Dirty Cop is probably his most famous so far. Kyle’s pen is light and fun and he’s really good at describing kinky, teasing and humorous sex scenes. He’s contributed with another writer, Gina A. Rogers, for A Gay Romance. I prefer his solo writing.

This story is kinda short, novella length, but it’s a bit different from what he’s written before and much longer (his previous work was really, really short stories with lots of hot and heavy and sometimes funny sex). It’s a love story. With some sex, of course. Because he writes really good sex scenes (I know I’ve already said that. I’ll say it again. He’s my favourite sex scene writer).

It’s the story of a guy, in a happy couple for eight years, who suddenly gets dumped, no reason or explanation given. It’s really sad. We’ve all been there.

But there’s more. It’s not what he thinks. And yes, there’s a happy ending. Yay! I like those.

Well written, fresh and funny. I recommend it. Less erotica than his previous work, more feeling, a bit more serious, a lot more depth. Kyle Adams can write a really good romance. Who knew.

(Ha! I knew it all along.)


Hmm? What was that?

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