Double Header: My Life with Two Penises by Diphallic Dude

dddI almost never read autobiographies. I read Agatha Christie’s when I was seventeen and that’s pretty much the last one. I made an exception for DDD’s (for Double Dick Dude as he’s known on Reddit). I missed the whole AMA on Reddit last year, and I can’t even find the link for you guys… Anyway, I saw this on and went wild on the net reading everything I could about this guy. That was enough for me to buy the book.

DDD is openly bisexual. In his book, you’ll read about his experiences with both genders and you can’t even tell if he’s got a preference. Perhaps a perfect 3 on the Kinsey scale but he doesn’t rate himself, so that’s just my guess.

I wrote a gay romance novel, or M/M romance as they’re called, with a bisexual character. My character sleeps with girls although he knows he’s attracted to guys then he falls in love with one. As I read Double Header, what moved me was the description he makes of what he likes in both men and women: oh my, wow, just…. wow:

Women, I love them. The way the smell, the feel of their body the smoothness of their skin. Cupping a pair of breasts while kissing my way across her collar bone to her ear is heaven. The curve of a woman’s hips and the way they feel in my hands when I’m doing the business, intoxicating.

Dude, Diphallic (2014-12-25). Double Header: My Life with Two Penises (Kindle Locations 244-246). DDD Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Men , I love them. The scent of their body, the strength in their muscles curls my toes. I love brushing my lips along a strong jaw-line. It might have a dusting of hair, rough and prickly. It might be smooth like velvet, following it back behind his ear… RAWR!

Dude, Diphallic (2014-12-25). Double Header: My Life with Two Penises (Kindle Locations 251-253). DDD Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I’m just quoting the first few sentences on each subject. Read the book. But holy shit! THAT’S what I wanted my character to say! That’s what he feels! Yes!!!! THAT’s what being bisexual is! And the descriptions go on, hotter and hotter.

The sex experiences he tells point to a fabulous career in writing erotica if he so wishes. I’d buy his erotica novels without hesitating.

But what was the most pleasurable for me (yup, more than the exciting sex scenes) is discovering a nice, well-rounded individual who’s very generous in sharing his experiences with a medical condition so rare only one in 5 million are born with it, and many babies die from it. He’s also terribly patient when answering again and again and again whether he’ll one day do porn, from people not bothering to read his AMA or his FAQ on his tumblr. He’s said no so many times, always politely too, I think if it were me, I’d make my blog header NO I WON’T DO PORN STOP ASKING out of sheer frustration. Seriously. He answers everyone’s questions in detail with a disarming candor, you can ask him anything on the AMA link on his tumblr. And people do ask him anything. And he’s a good sport.

When I finished the book, I said to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have coffee with this guy, just to chat, he’s so witty, smart, funny’. No, we wouldn’t have to talk about them, I wouldn’t want to see them, (his tumblr has terrific photos of his two dicks and his beautiful hands), I don’t want to have sex with him to see what it’s like – yes, internet, that’s how much in love I am with my husband. I’d skip sleeping with a dude with two penises as rare as kryptonite but would love to have coffee with him. The only thing is, his anonymity is very important to him, (and I understand, really), and unless there’s a chance of getting it on with someone, DDD doesn’t tell anyone he’s got two dicks, so the coffee’ll never, ever happen. I can always dream…

Follow him on twitter, he’s really fun: @diphallicdude

Sex rating for young teens: no way in hell are you prepared to read this. Your hand will burn when touching the screen. But don’t forget to read it on your 18th birthday. You’ll learn a thing or two. And not just what it’s like to have two dicks.


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